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Podcast: The Madness of Motherhood

We all wanna be great moms, don’t we? There are days I look at those sweet babies of mine and my heart aches with love. There are also days when they have drained every last ounce of preciousness out of me and them and I can’t even see straight. I have sought after God harder about…

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March Madness: When What You Really Want is JOY

I have a friend who laughs easily. I just adore her.  She’s a friend who will laugh at our stories, who will giggle at the funny things of life, and just find joy. I LOVE being around people like that, don’t you?  You can probably think of those in your life who laugh easily and just bring a sense…

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March Madness: WHY do we get so Mad?

We got a puppy. Last month we decided to find a sweet puppy because we are just dog people.  Our first baby, Dakota, we’d had for 13 years and lost him on New Year’s Day.  So very soon afterwards we began the search and found this little angel. Yep, she’s adorable. But even as I type…

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