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Spoil Yourself | Mother’s Day Week 2021

Happy Mother’s Day Week! Parenting is no joke. And if you’re a mom – after this last year – you have absolutely earned a day to celebrate! This upcoming Mother’s Day weekend, you’ll most likely hang out with your family, go to brunch and smile at all the homemade cards your kids made at school…
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Moms, this year has been quite a ride. For those called to raise up the next generation, we have experienced the past year in two different ways: within ourselves, and through the eyes of our children. During this historic season, there have been moments that have been so rich. Days filled with deep family connection,…
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Where’s the Disconnect | The Question I’m Asking Myself About Racism

I wrote this post a few years ago in response to the Charlottesville riots. All of it still holds true for me today, as we walk through this time in history, filled with such personal and national emotion. As a mother raising four children, I am responsible for how I speak out against racism in…
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I So Want To Micromanage My Kids

The other morning I was going around to bedrooms, turning off all the lights kids had left on because mornings are just a mad rush to get to school. When I got to one of my son’s rooms, I saw several papers next to his bed, and I did what you know we ALL do,…
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Where is the Disconnect | The Question I’m Asking Myself About Racism

Where is the disconnect? I don’t know if I’ve ever written specifically about race, but with our country’s recent events, it all has me at a place that I cannot wrap my brain around. The controversy of race and people and colors…it all has me sitting in complete disbelief. I don’t know a single person in…
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Running Our Race Because It’s Ours

So, after morning drop-off, I ran into our grocery store, I would say with no make up on, but I actually had a good amount of left-over mascara under my eyes. I hadn’t even brushed my hair, but I needed stuff to make pumpkin bread. As I was getting out of the car to go in,…
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