Spoil Yourself | Mother’s Day Week 2021

Happy Mother’s Day Week!

Parenting is no joke. And if you’re a mom – after this last year – you have absolutely earned a day to celebrate!

This upcoming Mother’s Day weekend, you’ll most likely hang out with your family, go to brunch and smile at all the homemade cards your kids made at school (or that morning).

Before the weekend celebration, however, what if you took a few moments for some intentional soul care? What if you allowed yourself some space this week to celebrate that by the grace, power and love of God you made it through this last year?

Here are 5 Must Do’s, opportunities for you to spoil yourself this week, in no particular order, and with definitely no limit.

Here’s my thoughts on each of these:

1. INDULGE. Pick one of these items and savor it, without multi-tasking:

    • delicious bread
    • delicious chocolate
    • delicious drink

Mom, how many times do you rush through meals, snacks, and drinks…mostly because you have to?? We are always on the move and so are our meals. This week, allow yourself time to really savor what you’re having…and enjoy it.

2.  SPLURGE. Spend the $10-15 to have your groceries DELIVERED to your door.
You guys, I started doing this last fall, and it’s seriously changed my life. Shopping from home with my list is so ridiculously easy, and *bonus* it also keeps me on task (no samples, no impulse buying because it’s right there on sale). The extra money for delivery and tip is money well spent, especially Mother’s Day week.

3.  BREATHE. Go outside and go for a walk. Or a hike. By yourself.
I love this quote from Anne Frank, “The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quite alone with the heavens, nature and God.” The circumstances of my life may not change a drop, but when I go outside, my soul is quieted and refreshed. Take a half hour this week and get yourself outside. And the “by yourself” part? That’s also good for your soul.

4.  REST. Put yourself to bed 30 minutes earlier one night this week.
So many times we stretch out our bedtime because we have stuff to do, and I get that. Especially when kids are little, because once they’re in bed, it opens up some much needed time to check off that to-do list. Or watch a movie, or read that book. But one night this week, actually put yourself to bed, turn out the light and allow your body to rest. It will be there tomorrow, let it go, and let your body get some much needed sleep.

5.  READ. Read through the book of Ruth, four chapters filled with stories of moms, legacy, and God’s beautiful redemption.
Have you read Ruth lately? It is absolutely stunning. This Old Testament narrative begins with an unbelievable heartbreak, followed by a daughter’s unrelenting and sacrificial love, and bookends with the most beautiful story of redemption, orchestrated by God Himself. 

Five opportunities to take some much needed soul care. Mom, what do you have to lose?

Also, maybe you know a mom, or have a mom, that needs this? Pass along the encouragement!

Happy Mother’s Day, sweet friend, you’ve earned the celebration!



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