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Week 8: John 19-21, Part 2

Have you ever needed to be restored?   Earlier this summer I completely blew it as a friend.  A dear friend of mine had anticipated my support and my attendance at a significant event in her life.  I had said I’d be there, and had made definitive plans to be there.  However, when the night…

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Week One, John 1-3

Welcome to Week One!  Thank you for joining us for our summer study.  As we gather in our homes, work places, vacation spots, and parks, picture for a moment all of us coming together and sitting in an auditorium.  All of us arrive from different locations, different places in life, different joys and pains.  But…

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Red Letter Summer ~ Intro Week, Part 2

This past week my husband was out of town, so I had some extra time to do some research on this Gospel called John.  The study was incredible, and I learned so much I’d never known in all my years as a Christ follower.  Isn’t that one of the greatest attributes of our God…that we…

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