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When You're in the Middle of it All

Today, I’m over with my friend, Becky Harling.  She is an incredible speaker and author, mother of four as well as our our lead pastor’s wife.  This amazing woman of God is the author of a new book called “The 30 Day Praise Challenge”.  It is absolutely changing the way that I approach life (if…

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Week Six: John 15-16

Anyone up for a great summer giveaway?  More on that in a minute, but first how would you answer this question:  What has God been stirring up inside of you this summer?  As you’ve studied the words of Jesus for the past few weeks, how have they resonated within you? We want to hear from…

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Week 9: Psalm 103-112

Have any of you ever grown impatient with God?  Anybody ever wonder why His timing isn’t quite aligning with yours?  Anyone ever wanted an answer, a solution, a deliverance? Yeah, me too.  And it all crept up on me a few days ago… I was getting around to go for a walk.  Doesn’t that sound…

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