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Why This One Gift Is The Very Best We Can Offer

We are in Week 1 of The Madness of Motherhood, and this first week we are going back to the basics, last time looking at what it means to fight for Truth, and today… grabbing onto the greatest gift we can give our children.  __________________ She was missing, and my 6-year-old heart went looking. As…

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Prayer IS the Greater Work

This quote from Oswald Chambers has been messing with me lately: Prayer does not equip us for greater works— prayer is the greater work. Prayer is the greater work.   Not talking about it more with my girlfriends.   Not analyzing it to death.  Not trying harder, or working smarter, or staying ahead of all the options.…

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Week 9: Psalm 103-112

Have any of you ever grown impatient with God?  Anybody ever wonder why His timing isn’t quite aligning with yours?  Anyone ever wanted an answer, a solution, a deliverance? Yeah, me too.  And it all crept up on me a few days ago… I was getting around to go for a walk.  Doesn’t that sound…

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Week 5: Psalm 57-72

Happy Day after the 4th of July!  Anyone a little tired today?  I’m guessing most of us got up this morning a little worn out after a good (but long) day of fun followed by a fabulous (but late) night of fireworks.  So let’s grab some coffee (seriously!) and dive right into it. PSALM 57-72…

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