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I So Want To Micromanage My Kids

The other morning I was going around to bedrooms, turning off all the lights kids had left on because mornings are just a mad rush to get to school. When I got to one of my son’s rooms, I saw several papers next to his bed, and I did what you know we ALL do,…

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We Interrupt This Summer to Bring You…Rest.

Well, vacation has come and gone, our phones are filled up with fabulous pictures, and the house looks like camping just barfed all over it. My fam just got back from a 10-day tour through the Black Hills, Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Over TWO-THOUSAND glorious miles with a camper, four kids, and all the chips and…

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Be Still…Our Summer to Soak Finale

WE MADE IT!!!!! Girls we made it to our last week of our Summer to Soak!  I am so incredibly thankful for every one of you that took the challenge to spend your summer soaking in God’s Word.  So many of you have shared with me that you’ve seen and experienced God in new ways,…

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