Audio Post: Hope In Our Suffering

Last Sunday, I had the incredible privilege of speaking at my home church.  I absolutely LOVE my church, the people, the neighborhood, the whole thing. Plus the Campus Pastor is really cute.

The message was out of Mark 5, a story of an encounter between Jesus and a woman who had an “issue with blood”.  She sought out Jesus because she had been bleeding for 12 years.  


It may seem a little awkward to talk about all that, I compare it to that moment when you’re watching TV with your brother or your dad and a commercial comes on about “feminine hygiene products”, and everyone scrambles for the remote and the mute button.

At first glance, the woman in this story seems to have absolutely nothing in common with you and me. However, I would like to suggest that we are more like her than we realize.

It’s a story filled with pain, heartache, and a desperate need for hope. 

I can already relate.

You can listen to the entire message HERE, then select Week 4: Hope In Our Suffering.  foothills-dec-ig-v1


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  1. Lisa on January 27, 2016 at 2:33 pm

    JT- woot! Dare to be determined to reach out to God in our suffering or in a place we haven’t yet allowed God in! I will forever be chewing on this part of scripture in Mark 5:24-34! Thanks Friend for daring to tell!

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