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Moms, this year has been quite a ride. For those called to raise up the next generation, we have experienced the past year in two different ways: within ourselves, and through the eyes of our children. During this historic season, there have been moments that have been so rich. Days filled with deep family connection,…

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Running Our Race Because It’s Ours

So, after morning drop-off, I ran into our grocery store, I would say with no make up on, but I actually had a good amount of left-over mascara under my eyes. I hadn’t even brushed my hair, but I needed stuff to make pumpkin bread. As I was getting out of the car to go in,…

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Weekend Walk | Because Simple Things Matter

It is a misty, cool morning here in Colorado, and I’m spending some time thinking back on my week. The kids are still asleep, I have coffee in hand and it might just be the very best. I cherish early morning quietness, and with this little bit of cloud cover, I’m in heaven.   p.s. this…

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Why This One Gift Is The Very Best We Can Offer

We are in Week 1 of The Madness of Motherhood, and this first week we are going back to the basics, last time looking at what it means to fight for Truth, and today… grabbing onto the greatest gift we can give our children.  __________________ She was missing, and my 6-year-old heart went looking. As…

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When Your Old Patterns Require New Fight

Week 1 of The Madness of Motherhood, and we are spending this first week going back to the basics…today girls, let’s fight for some Truth in our lives.  _________________ Mounds of laundry were everywhere, and while I was sorting through the mess of it all, I heard it. Upstairs my kids were loud and circling, and there…

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The Madness of Motherhood, A New Series Starting Monday!

Any mamas out there in need of some soul refreshment? Then stay tuned, we have a brand new series just for you! Starting Monday, we will launch The Madness of Motherhood, a 4-week online series that will breathe fresh life into your heart, no matter what age or stage of parenting you are in. Because, truth be…

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