Week 10: Psalm 113-119

We’ve made it to week 10!  I wish I could sit down with each of you and hear what you’ve been learning this summer in this amazing book of Psalms.  There are so many overriding themes, including…

  • A call to praise our good God
  • The “voice” of creation and how it displays God Himself
  • The eternal God, from generation to generation
  • The history and trustworthiness of His deliverance and redemption

What themes have you noticed or realized more in your own life?  What’s God been stirring inside of you?  

As we wind down summer, so many of you have changes on the horizon.  For some, it’s watching your baby go off to kindergarten…or college.  For some of you it’s a new job, or a new marriage.

Wherever you’re at, I encourage you to find some time alone with the Lord.

Let my soul be at rest again, for the Lord has been good to me.  Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!  His faithful love endures forever.  Psalm 116:7, 118:1

Take some time to read from the Psalms and hear from Him today.  Come before Him with your to-do lists, with all that is on your plate.  Ask Him to accomplish His agenda in your life.  Ask Him to give you eyes to see what really matters, and to love as He loves.  

Psalm 113-119

This is SUCH an interesting week of scripture.  I’ve so enjoyed realizing the history of this Old Testament book and learning of its application in the New Testament. This week we’ll divide the chapters into two sections.  Both very unique in their own way.

1.  Psalm 113-118.  This portion of scripture is known as “Hallel”, or the “Egyptian Hallel”.   Jews used this collection of chapters in the celebration of Passover, instituted at the exodus from Egypt.  Many continue to do so today.  Typically Psalms 113-114 are recited before the Passover meal and 115-118 afterward.  One commentary stated that “these were probably the last songs Jesus sang with His disciples before His death” (Mark 14:26).  I had two thoughts about this:

  • One, these very words that are on the pages of my Bible are the very same words Jesus knew, recited and probably sang with His disciples.  What a privilege to read and know the very words Jesus knew.    
  • Two, and this is way off topic, but…what was Jesus’ singing voice like?  What did it sound like when my Savior lifted up his voice in song to praise His Father? What did it sound like in that upper room with those twelve men singing a hymn?  It’s an incredible scene to imagine. 

As you read through chapters 113-118 this week, let your heart praise Him, remembering the text’s significance.

2.  Psalm 119.  With 176 verses, this is the longest chapter in the Bible.  Its theme and encouragement is to love and obey God’s instructions.  This psalm paints a beautiful picture of what it is to “hunger and thirst for righteousness” (Matthew 5:6).  The psalmist has come to realize the treasure of God’s words and has committed to obey all that it says.  Having spent all summer with you in His word, this chapter feels so alive. His Word is a treasure, “a lamp to my feet and a light for my path…my heritage forever, the joy of my heart” 119:105, 111.

What themes have stood out to you over these 10 weeks?  You can leave a comment here below.

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