Week 12 – Psalm 135-150

Well, my dear friends, we have made it – our last week of our “Summer in the Psalms”. What a joy-fill experience it has been to pour over these pages with you and hear the very voice of God.

I pray that over the course of these twelve weeks you have a deeper understanding of…

  • God’s incredible power and strength
  • His unrelenting faithfulness throughout every generation
  • His amazing love towards us.

I also hope you have come to realize in a very personal way…

  • His desire for real conversation and real relationship with us
  • His nearness to us in the midst of difficulties
  • His forgiveness and beautiful redemption of our lives.

As we finish up this final week, these remaining chapters show us two very important truths: 

1.  We are personally loved by our Creator.  Psalm 139 is a favorite for so many of us.  Yes, Jesus loves the whole world.  But can we say with all honesty that we know that He love me?  Reflect on that truth as you read through this intimate chapter and breathe in the detailed love with which He created you, and how He thinks about you.

2.  He is so worthy of our praise.  At church this weekend, we had an all-worship service.  Powerful fails to describe it.  The joy that filled that building by the last song was to the roof!  As I’ve said throughout this study, there is something that happens inside our very soul when we praise our good and amazing God.  Psalms closes its pages with this incredible truth.  “Praise the Lord!”

I will leave you with this challenge:  Find a good Bible study this fall and jump into it with all that you are.  I will continue to post devotionals on this site, but my charge to you is find some women you can connect with and continue diving into God’s Word.

We need our sisters!  We have got to have one another to challenge us, keep us accountable and to learn more about the Lord.  If you’re not sure where to go, Foothills has a lot of great options (click here).  If you don’t attend Foothills, find a church with a good Bible-based study.  And just do it!

I love you ladies and I’m so thankful for these twelve weeks we have had together.  I close this study out with a song, Manifesto – The City Harmonic.  It wraps up our Summer with a perfect message.  A declaration of what we believe, and a call to praise Him.  God bless you all!

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