Hello ladies!

Welcome to Summer!  Thanks for joining us for our “Summer in the Psalms”!

Every week through Labor Day Weekend we will post a Bible study that you can use in your personal time with the Lord.  Each week will include specific scripture readings, questions, reflections and a challenge.  With 150 chapters in the Psalms, we will need to average about 2 chapters a day to read all the way through.  That may sound like a lot, but considering most of the chapters have less than 20 verses, it’s a very attainable goal.

The book of Psalms has got everything – praise, joy, despair, anguish, and dancing.  Sounds like attributes in my life, anyone else?  One commentary I read says “the psalms are God-centered, instructing God’s people to be like Him, to receive His correction, and to discern error in themselves.  Through the psalms, God encourages His people individually and as communities to worship Him vibrantly!”  A community of vibrant worshippers.  Let’s be that this summer!

Here are some suggestions as we begin.

1.  Commit.  Before you even begin this study, spend some time talking to the Lord.  Ask Him to prepare your heart for what He wants to show you this summer.  Then commit fully to meeting with Him over the next three months and watch with anticipation and hope to see how He moves.

2.  Pray.  Before you begin each reading, open your time in prayer.  Acknowledge the greatness of our God.  Tell Him how thankful you are that He is there, sitting right there with you at your table, or right next to you on that couch.  Then ask Him to show Himself to you through whatever verses you are reading that day.

3.  Grab a notebook.  Jot down words, phrases or verses that jump out at you.   Then at the end of the summer, you’ll be able to look back and read a journal of what God spoke to you.

4.  Pick a verse to meditate on each week.  In Psalm 1 it says that we are blessed when we meditate on His Word day and night.  Each lesson will have a verse or two that you can think on, or you can choose one that makes an impact on you.

Feel free to forward this study on to other women in your life.  Let’s collectively take the challenge to be in His Word, and learn how He wants us to live this summer.  I’m so thrilled to begin this journey with you!

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